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My relationship to Lieutenant Colonel Charles MacLean 5th Laird of Drimmin in Morven

Julie Phillips Wood
Produced by Legacy on 28 Nov 2005

My link to Charles MacLean goes back 10 generations to Scotland. The MacLeans are back in control of Duart Castle and welcome visits from descendants of the Clan.

1-Lieutenant Colonel Charles MacLean 5th Laird of Drimmin in Morven

b.Drimmin in Morven, Scotland, d. 1746, Culloden Field, Culloden, Scotland

+Isobel Cameron b. , Erracht, par. John Cameron and Mrs Cameron

2-John MacLean b. , Ardton in Mull, d. 18 Jan 1765, Drowned at Duart Point, Scotland

+Margaret Campbell b. , Island of Mull, Scotland, par. Laird Donald Campbell and unknown

3-Donald McLean b. , Ardton in Mull, Scotland, d. 21 Apr 1813, Fort York, York, Upper Canada

+Henrietta MacDonnell d. , York, Upper Canada,

m. 26 Mar 1783, Manhatten Island, New York, par. Captain Allan MacDonnell and Unknown

4-Eleanor Morris MacLean b. 18 Jul 1783, New York, d. 23 May 1832, Quebec

+Charles Grey Stewart b. 10 Oct 1775, Edingburgh, Scotland, d. 24 Dec 1854, Quebec, m. 18 Mar 1801, par.

Charles Stewart and Miss Gray

5-Henrietta Eleanor Stewart b. 6 Feb 1802, Quebec, d. 8 Jan 1875, Quebec

+William Phillips I b. 7 Oct 1789, d. 3 Apr 1849, Quebec, m. 23 May 1821, par. John Phillips III and

Rachel Levy

6-William Finlay Phillips II b. 7 Mar 1822, Bastican, Champlain, Quebec, d. 1866

+Louise Elisabeth Langevin b. 6 Apr 1823, Berthier en Haut, Berthier, Quebec, m. 27 Jul

1851, par. Edouard Langevin and Olivia Armstrong

7-Frank Finlay Phillips b. 1863, Sorel, Richelieu, Quebec, Canada, d. 1904, St Paul,


+Marie Clara Plante b. 8 Mar 1868, of St Laurent, Isle de Orleans, Quebec, Canada,

d.1952, Wahpeton, , North Dakota, USA, par. Joseph Plante and Marianne Celanire


8-Wendell Alfred Langevin Phillips I b. 30 Jun 1892, Minnesotta, d. 1987,

Auckland, New Zealand

+Constance Jessica Craig b. 22 May 1892, Espom, Auckland, New Zealand, d.

1976, Auckland, New Zealand, m. 15 Oct 1919, St Barnabas Church Mt

Eden, par. Joseph James Craig and Jessie Campbell

9-Paul Brian Phillips b. 18 Nov 1925, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand

+Moira Jean Dunn b. 5 May 1934, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand, m.

17 Oct 1956, St Marks Church, Remuera, Auckland, NZ, par. James

Dunn b Finarvon Scotland and Annie Dorothy Gibbons born Napier, New Zealand

10-Julie Moira Phillips b. 4 Dec 1957, Epsom, Auckland

+ (1) Mark Herbert George Gilbert 22 March 1980 Diocesan School Chapel, Espom Auckland, NZ

+ (2) Phillip Masefield Wood 12 Dec 1998, ST Marks Church, Remuera, Auckland NZ

Julie and Phillip Wood :Residence 2005 Toronto, Canada

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