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Phillips, Plante and Price connections today.

1895 – Evan John Price made a bequest to the Phillips sisters

Copied from the Price 200 Year Countdown files compiled by Evan Price, Quebec. 2010.
Images added by Julie Phillips Wood.
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Jane Stewart, William Price's wife, had an older sister called Henrietta Eleanor Stewart. In 1821, Henrietta married William Phillips, a Quebec City grain merchant. (His grandfather, John, had fought with Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham in 1759.)

Henrietta Eleanor Stewart Phillips

Over the next two centuries, the paths of the Price and Phillips families would be often intertwined. Jane and Henrietta are buried within 50 feet of one another at Mount Hermon cemetery in Quebec City.

Henrietta and William Price Headstone at Mt Hermon.

Two daughters of Henrietta and William, the spinsters Mary (Minnie) and Isabella (Bella), were the last surviving members of the Phillips family in Quebec City (they lived into the 1920s). In 1895, Evan John Price bequeathed them the sum of 300 pounds yearly for life in his will.

Endowment board in the Anglican Cathedral, Quebec lists the Phillips Sisters.

Letter from Ted Price mentioning Phillips Spinsters Bella and Minnie, written 1984

A granddaughter of Henrietta and William, Henrietta Keane Bethune married Jane and William Price's second youngest son Edward George Price who moved to England in the 1869 and started what is today the English branch of the family.

Lancelot Charles Lake, a grandson of Henrietta and William born in 1858, went out to Chile in 1875 to visit his cousin Henry Ferrier Price to tutor his children on his ranch near San Carlos. He died within a year of cholera and is buried in the Protestant church yard of Chillan (near San Carlos).

Clara Plante was born on the Island of Orleans, east of Quebec City, in 1868. She studied at the Ursulines Convent in Quebec City. In 1883, Clara, her brothers Alfred and Albert, her sister Cedulie and her brother-in-law Fortunat Martineau left Quebec and became pioneers in the Dakota Territory. There Clara met and married Frank Finlay Phillips, Justice Court Judge, lawyer and former Indian agent. Frank was a grandson of Henrietta and William. Their son Wendell Alfred Langevin Phillips emigrated to New Zealand in 1919.

Clara Plante

In 2005, Paul Phillips, twin son of Wendell A L Phillips, along with his wife Moira and their daughter Julie Phillips Wood, all New Zealanders, travelled to Quebec City in search of their family roots and in particular descendants of Jane Stewart and William Price. Their inquiries led them to Auberge Saint-Antoine where they met Martha Bate “Muffy” Price (Tony’s wife) and her son Evan.

Julie (by then living in Toronto), an avid amateur historian, undertook a subsequent trip to Quebec City in 2007 to find out more about the Plante side of her family and asked Evan for leads. Little did she know that a cousin of Clara’s, Jean-Pierre Plante, had been working for Tony and Muffy since the 1960s and their farm had been purchased from Leopold Plante, yet another cousin of hers. Top: Julie Phillips Wood and Jean-Pierre Plante.

Julie Phillips Wood and Jean Pierre Plante on Isle d'Orleans, Quebec

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